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Nepenthes, Sarracenia and flytraps

Wanted to share some of my carnivorous plants pics. Mostly nepenthes (tropical pitcher plants) since those are my favorites. I keep some of my nepenths as house plants, some outdoors and some in terrariums.

N. bicalcarata Sarawak pitcher detail

First is the Nepenthes bicalcarata. The fanged nepenthes. This is a true lowlander needing warm nights.

Sarracenia Dana's Delight 01

Sarracenia Dana's Delight.

B-52 flytraps have grown

B-52 Venus Flytrap. This is the largest cultivar. That's a 3 inch square pot it is in. Lots more carnivores behind the cut.

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Fear Scary

New Admin and Welcome to New Members

Hello everyone. I am your new admin here on ljcps. I have made some changes to the layout and am trying to organize things better. Hope you like the new colors. I chose them because they are plant like. I cleaned out the membership list and deleted all the member names that had a strike through them. I will do my best to imporve this place over the next few days and will slowly be inviting others with a love for carnivorous plants. For those of you that are still here and active on live journal please chime in and say Hello. I'd love to hear how your plants are doing.

I had made an introductory post a few weeks ago but shall do so again now. I have been raising carnivorous plants for just over a year now. I'm loving starting my second year knowing so much more. Last year was about gathering as much info as I could. It all started with a sad dead Darlingtonia I found in a cube at Lowe's that they let me have for $1. I thought I could save it but yes I was very new. I did my best but it was too late. I then bought a little nepenthes in a cube and had much better luck with it. That had me hooked. Nepenthes became my favorite carnivorous plants and my main part of my collection. Months later I got my first Sarracenia which have become a close second favorite for me and then I picked up my first Flytrap (a B52 from California Carnivores) because those are my husband's favorite carnivorous plants. And I have been obsessed every since. Though I took a short break to grow my gourds and pumpkins towards the end of the year.

If you are new, welcome. If you have been here a while please post about your plants. I'd love to see your gardens or indoor collections. Helps spread the word about us. I will eventually go through the older posts and tag them so when you post also be sure to tag you entries approprately. Let's have some fun. Good growing.

- thagirion
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Hails everyone

Hello there. I'm in sunny central Florida. I have been watching this community and going through some of the older posts. Have really enjoyed the pics. I hope some of you are still here and that activity will pick up again. LJ is my favorite site. I see the info says there was a very recent post but the newest one I see is from 2010.
Anyway, I got into Carnivorous Plants last year in February. I got my first little nepenthes from Lowe's back when they used to carry a variety in those cubes. That set me off and nepenthes are my favorites. Later on I got my first Sarracenia and then my first flytrap which wasa B-52. I am enjoying the hobby and excited about this growing season. Here is a video of some of the plants I have and plans I am making. So, hi everyone.

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Looking for a Nepenthes key:

So I found a really gorgeous [i]Nepenthes[/i] the other day that is about to bloom. It is past the rosette stage and starting to vine, rather densely, it's also got a flower spike about to bloom! Alas there's no pitchers that I could see, which I suspect may make speciation difficult, but I'm hoping the flowers will place it as low, hybrid, or highland which well give me a general outline for what I'll need to build to grow it. I'm going to get it no matter, it's just that I've got pretty limited time to get it situated before winter comes. I failed the last time I tried one of these years, but I;m at a better location and have better equipment

Sundews on Kaua'i

 I recently went to Kaua'i on vacation. Hiking the Alakai Swamp trail, which is at the top of the island and frequently in clouds, I was surprised to find a bunch of sundews. They are really small and all over the place. I was about a mile in before I noticed any of them, but once I did I noticed they were everywhere.

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Mosquito Control? Seed Growing? HALP!!!

So, I'm not exactly a n00b to the carnivorous plant growing thing. But I'm not really an expert.

1) I got a bunch of seeds from the winter just passed- they've been stratifying, and now it's warming up. I've read to put them on live spaghnum, leave them in the wet paper towels, or to just put them on wet peat/perlite, like you grow the adults in. Which is it?

2) With the warm weather, the mosquitos are BACK, and mind you, it's quite early. But their numbers are fierce, and I can't even go out there to water my garden without getting swarmed. With the number of Sarracenia I have, I can't keep them in a terrarium, and don't really have the means of a nice, netted room or greenhouse. I tried citronella plants one year, but that did diddly. And I'm uncertain about putting chemicals in the water, and the spray fogger really doesn't always work, and certainly doesn't give enough uses for the money. What do you guys do?

Alllso...I'm on the market for (cheap-ish) carnivores to expand my collection. Anyone have anything available? :3

Plants Are Selling Again!


With more bills on the table, I really can't afford the lavish discounts I offered last year.

However, if you buy 1 or more plants, and you enter "[your journal name] from ljcps" in the Message to Seller area, I will send you an invoice with .25 cents knocked off of each plant.

If you want to bookmark this and wait a few weeks for them to really wake up, that's cool too.
Just thought I'd post to say that I'm officially back in business.